CLASP ‘Live Online’ 2021

This CLASP competition will run on Saturday 13th November via a Zoom platform. The closing date for this competition is Sunday 24th October 2021 (UK Time) Events will be offered to adult amateur pipers graded 1, 2,3, 4/5 and both Light Music and Piobaireachd events will be offered for all four grades. Please note that pipers graded 5 can play up in grade 4 events.
Competitors will play 'Live', but will use a video recording to capture their performance and should send this unedited video recording later that day to  When you enter the Zoom meeting, there will be an option of 8 breakout rooms (4 Piobaireachd and 4 Light Music for the four different grades). CLASP members can click into any of the named breakout rooms to listen or if you are competing in that event. Each competitor will be given a time slot to compete in their Piobaireachd event and a separate time slot to compete in their Light Music event. (We will try to work around different time zones).
The order of play, performance times and the selected tunes (for Grade 1 and Grade 2) will be published one week prior to the competition date on The CLASP website.

Once you enter a breakout room (for example 'Grade 2 - Piobaireachd' breakout room) you will be asked, at your designated performance timeslot, to start your video recording device and a steward will then introduce you and that will verify the recording. For example, 'This is Mary MacLeod playing The Little Spree for The CLASP 'Live online' 2021 competition' and away you go, with a bit of tuning if you need to (but not too much). If using a mobile phone to video record, please put it on flight mode.

Later that day, you should upload your video to you tube as an unlisted video. A video link for Piobaireachd and a separate video link for Light Music (Including all Light Music events) should be emailed by midnight on 13th November 2021 to

Some rules to read:

  • CLASP Rules apply for all CLASP cometitions
  • Please wear Highland dress. Jacket optional
  • CLASP members will be emailed the Zoom link prior to the competition date and this link should not be shared outside of the membership
  • In case your video recording device does not catch the stewards intro, you will be asked  to repeat what the steward says for example, Mary would say "yes, I'm Mary MacLeod playing The Little Spree" ... then start playing without a break. This speech will also help the judges.
  • You must not edit your recording afterwards.
  • Upload your recording to YouTube (unlisted) and send the link to by 23.59 hrs (Scottish time) that day. When uploading your video link to You Tube, you get a chance to give the video a name ... and adding your name again (and the tune name) will also help the judges.
  • You'll get a crit sheet from the judges, so carry on playing even if you make an error - the crit can be very helpful for your learning/development as a piper.
  • Prize winners will be announced two weeks after the competition date.You can arrive early, and stay on as late as you like, but be on the screen with pipes up, in the correct room, at your performance time. The Chat function is handy, as you'll be muted from the outset until the steward un-mutes you. Please keep your microphone muted when spectating also.