Grading Appeal Window

The appeal window is open from Saturday 3rd July - Sunday 18th July. All appeals will be decided and responded to,  via email, by Sunday 25th July.
Recent competition video links can be included in the appeal email to support a members appeal.

Here is some information from the Grading page of The CLASP website relating to the grading process and Appeals.

CLASP Grading Process and Appeals

The CLASP Grading Committee is made up of CLASP organisers, Margaret Dunn, Wilson Brown and the National Piping Centre Instructors.
All members of the Committee will have access to the CLASP league table, full results from relevant CLASP competitions, standard sheets submitted by judges, and any relevant recording material submitted by CLASP members.
Factors which the Grading Committee will consider when looking at regrading or appeals:

  • Standard Sheet, filled in by judge, recommending the competitor is above or below the standard of their current grade.
  • Judges comments
  • Performance consistency throughout three or more competitions with large entries
  • High points standing in the CLASP league table