National Piping Centre-Cowcaddens- 18th June In-person Competition

This is an In-person CLASP competition, which will be held at 30-34 McPhater Street, G4 0HW Glasgow. This competition is for adult amateur pipes and offers events for pipers graded 1, 2 & 3. *Grade 4 members can opt to play up in grade 3 events.
The competition will begin at approximately 9/10am (dependant on numbers). Please note that Set tunes will be required for the Piobaireachd events.

*Register by Friday 3rd June 2022 (Midnight UK time)

Events on offer:
Please note that all Light Music tunes required should be a minimum of 4 parts.
Grade 1 
Piobaireachd (Submit 3 tunes, 2 from Set list 1 and 1 own choice)
2/4 March (Submit 2, play 1)
Strathspey & Reel (Submit 2, play 1)
6/8 March (Own Choice)

Grade 2
Piobaireachd (Submit 2 tunes, 1 from Set list 1 and 1 from set list 2)
2/4 March (Submit 2, play 1)
Strathspey & Reel (Own Choice)
6/8 March (Own Choice)

Grade 3 * Please note that Grade 4/5 pipers can play up in these events
Piobaireachd (Submit  1 tune from set list 2)
2/4 March  (Own Choice)
Strathspey & Reel (Own Choice)
Jig (Own Choice)

*Grade 4/5 pipers who wish to enter this competition and play in Grade 3 events, should enter as a Grade 4 competitor, but will be listed as a competitor in the Grade 3 events. The events on offer on the registration form for Grade 4 pipers will reflect the requirements for Grade 3 events.