The CLASP Set Tunes 2023 Announced

Set Tune Timeline:
 2021 - The CLASP set tunes will not be in use for any CLASP competitions.
2022 - Please note that these Set Tunes will be introduced from January 2022.
2023 - The 2023 Set tune lists will be announced by Friday 8th August and  will be required for submission in competition from January 2023.

Please note that there will be some competitions exempt from the set tune list.
These competitions are:

  • Any Remote/Online CLASP Competitions
  • 'World Solo Amateur' - Piping Live!
  • 'Northern Meetings' - Inverness
  • 'Luss Highland Games'
  • 'Rosneath Highland Games' (Rosneath will not be on the CLASP Circuit for 2018 and will be replaced by Balloch Highland Games for 2018)
  • 'Inveraray Highland Games'
  • 'Chatsworth Country Fair'