Army School 2017 Draw

Allow a little extra time for security checks when arriving at the Army School. The Post code is EH13 0PP, this will take you to Colinton Road and the entrance is just past the Redford Barracks entrance.

Please note there will be two performance rooms so Grade 2 Piobaireachd and Grade 3 Light Music will start at 10am sharp.
For anyone new to this venue, there are not any catering facilities, but most people bring a lunch along and there is an area on the ground floor where you can eat.

Judges are Wilson Brown (Piobaireachd) and Connor Sinclair (Light Music).

Order of Play

Army School of Piping CLASP Competition – 3rd June 2017
Starting time 10am

Grade 2 Piobaireachd

  1. Dagmar Pesta
  2. Allan Harper
  3. Helen Thomson
  4. Lachlan MacDonald
  5. George Gordon
  6. Tom Broderick
  7. Janette Greenwood

Grade 1 Piobaireachd

  1. Aaron Yeung
  2. Gregor McCulloch
  3. Stewart Gaudin
  4. Andrew Park


Grade 3 Piobaireachd

  1. Iain Kirkwood F&G)
  2. Stewart Allan (G & F)
  3. Ross Walker
  4. Dugald Macleod
  5. Andrew Richardson (Full & Ground)
  6. David McRobb (Ground and Full)
  7. Robert Wilson (Full & Ground)
  8. Ewen Brindle (Full only)
  9. Robert Thomson (Full & Ground)

Prize Giving

Starting time 10am
Army School of Piping CLASP Competition – 3rd June 2017

Grade 3 Light Music

  1. Andrew Richardson
  2. Iain Kirkwood
  3. Dugald Macleod
  4. Lachlan MacDonald
  5. David McRobb
  6. Robert Thomson
  7. Ewen Brindle

Grade 1 Light Music

  1. Stephen Whitton
  2. Robert Wilson
  3. Andrew Park
  4. Stewart Gaudin
  5. Janette Greenwood
  6. Gregor McCulloch


Grade 2 Light Music

  1. Dagmar Pesta
  2. Stewart Allan (MSR Only)
  3. George Gordon
  4. Tom Broderick
  5. Ross Walker
  6. Aaron Yeung
  7. Helen Thomson

Prize Giving