CLASP Workshop 2021 - 1st & 2nd October 2021

Instructors confirmed to date - Willie McCallum, John Mulhearn, Chris Armstrong, Wilson Brown, Margaret Dunn
Guest Speakers Confirmed to date - Performance Psychologist, Dr. Fiona McConnochie

Registrations Closed.

This year's CLASP  workshop weekend will take place remotely using a Zoom platform. The workshop will run over two dates, Friday and Saturday (1st and 2nd October), and will offer two time zones. The earlier time zone will have a 9am starting time (UK time) and the later time zone will have a 3pm start (UK time) to facilitate later time zone students. The workshop is open to adult amateur solo pipers worldwide and workshop participants are not required to be a CLASP member. This workshop series is specially tailored for competition amateur solo pipers and each day of the workshop will offer one individual lesson, group tuition covering all 2023 Piobaireachd Set tunes, workshops focusing on improving the key aspects of solo competition performance. For pipers who do not play Piobaireachd, an introduction to Piobaireachd will be offered in place of some of the Set Tune group sessions.  Please note that this workshop is for adult pipers only.

Course Content: Each day students will receive approximately 6 hours of teacher contact time.
Here is what students can expect each day:

  • 1 x  45 minute individual lesson
  • 3 x  Piobaireachd Group Sessions covering the 2023 Set Tune list
  • 1 x  Talk - Bagpipe Set up/Sound Quality (Friday) & Performance Psychologist, Dr. Fiona McConnochie (Saturday)
  •  Group Workshop - Technique Class (Friday) & 1 x MSR Playing by Chris Armstrong (Saturday)

Individual Lesson - Students will be offer one 45 minute session on both Friday and Saturday. This is a one to one private lesson where the student can cover anything of their choice. Pre-recorded performances can be shared with the instructor also if the student wishes. This can be a good opportunity for the instructor to hear the student clearly on the pipes and is very useful in a remote setting. 

Dr. Fiona McConnochie - Arousal, Stress and Anxiety is probably the biggest problem that performers experience when competing. There will be two parts to the workshop/lecture series. Part 1 and Part 2.  The first lecture focuses on the different ways arousal, stress and anxiety affects our piping performance - this is not as straight forward as imagined. It varies from individual to individual and can get quite complex.  However, it is crucial that we become aware of these psychological states before we learn how to control them.  Then the second lecture focuses on the intervention strategies (somatic, cognitive and multi-modal) that we can use to control and even harness what we experience so that we can achieve optimal performance. The techniques taught can be used at home to help performers relax in the week(s) before the competition and also very quick on-site techniques will be provided that can be used right before going onto compete and in the intervals before competing.  The accompanying 30 page Handbook provides theoretical information, tips, exercises, intervention techniques (in detail) and much more.

Aims of the CLASP workshop weekend are:

  • To create a relaxed learning environment for adult amateur pipers and enthusiastic pipers with an interest in competition solo piping
  • Introduce/refine new Piobaireachd set tunes
  • Deliver Masterclasses on Light Music
  • Improve Tuning
  • Improve Technique
  • Focus on Performance Presentation and Preparation
  • Introduce other interesting and relevant topics