Instructors include: Roddy MacLeod MBE, Wilson Brown, Willie McCallum, Donald MacPhee, Margaret Dunn, Willie Morrison & Finlay Johnston.

CLASP Workshop Weekend – 4th & 5th October 2019

Aims of the workshop weekend are:

  • To create a relaxed learning environment for adult amateur pipers and enthusiastic pipers with an interest in competition solo piping
  • Introduce/refine new Piobaireachd set tunes
  • Deliver Masterclasses on Light Music
  • Improve Tuning
  • Improve Technique
  • Focus on Performance Presentation and Preparation
  • Introduce other interesting and relevant topics

With the introduction of the new set tune lists in August 2019, these workshops will introduce students to all the set tunes on their list. This gives students an opportunity to hear all the tunes, and play them, before narrowing down the tune(s) they wish to select and progress with.  The set tune tuition will take place in larger style groups, with the instructor(s) guiding the group through the full tune and giving students advise from their many years of knowledge. The group will be taught in a relaxed environment in which students can ask questions and advise on tune selection and settings from the instructors. Grade 1 Piobaireachd players may have alternative tunes, which they can opt to work on in the performance assessment if desired.

List 1
Grade 1 competitors should select two tunes from this list and one of their own choice. Grade 2 graded players should pick one tune from this list and one tune from List 2.

Set List 1.
1. MacMhurich's Salute-Donald MacLeod's Collection of Piobaireachd (New release)
2. Massacre of Glencoe -  Kilberry & PS6
3. Rout of Glenfruin - Kilberry & PS8
4. MacLeod's Controversy - PS10
5. Flame of Wrath for Patrick Caogach - PS5 & Kilberry Book
6. Black Donald’s March - PS3 & Kilberry Book
Set List 2-Grade 2 & Grade 3 graded players should pick one tune from this list.
1. Lament for Finlay - PS13  P.429
2. Garden of Roses-Donald MacLeod's Collection of Piobaireachd-(New release)
3. Tulloch Ard - Kilberry & PS6
4. Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament - PS7 & Kilberry Book
5. March for a beginner - Kilberry Book
6. Munro's Salute - PS11
Workshop Description

Set Tune Workshop
Music packs will be issued at the start of each day for students. The tunes will also be projected on to a large screen. The Set List 1 and Set list 2 workshops will run at the same time. This will only affect grade 2 Piobaireachd players who will need to select from both list 1 & 2.

Bagpipe Set Up and Reed Selection
Pipers will be placed in smaller groups for this workshop. The instructor will show the students how they set up their bagpipes, including pipe chanter reed selection, drone reed selection. Pipe bag selection and moisture control systems.

Drop in Compound Time Workshop (6/8 Marches/Jigs)
This workshop will be in a larger group. There are two scheduled 'Drop in' workshops in the timetable to allow pipers to choice the best time for them to attend and to avoid their warm up and Performance assessment slot. The schedule will allow all students to attend at least one of these workshops, however it will be a repeat of the same workshop twice so it is recommend you choice one of these to attend.

Performance Assessment
This session will give each student an opportunity to prepare and perform in front of an instructor. Each student will get a time slot and will be stewarded to the instructor, just like in a competition setting. We would ask each student to prepare a piece of music to perform, such as a Piobaireachd or March, Strathspey and Reel. Once the student has tuned up and performed, they will then receive some private feedback from the instructor on their performance, tuning, presentation, musical expression, technique and any other relevant feedback. The length of the performance assessment will be 40 minutes per student.

Drone Tuning Workshop
Pipers will be placed in smaller groups for this workshop. It will be a practical workshop and pipers should have their pipes on hand to work with the instructor on tuning.

There will be a lunch package option on the booking form for those attending the course. Lunch will be provided in the Tryst each day at the scheduled lunch time and a table will be set aside for anyone who selects this option. Lunch will consist of Soup and a Sandwich plus a drink (Soft drink or Tea/Coffee) and will be priced at £8.95 per person. Please note you can add a friend/husband/wife etc to the lunch offer by selecting the number of people requiring lunch on the booking form.
There are other food outlets within walking distance of the National Piping Centre if pipers prefer to arrange their own lunch.  Any dietary requirements should be advised prior to the course commencing.

Workshop Timetable

Friday 4th October 2019
9 – 9.30 – Tea/Coffee – Welcome in the Auditorium
9.30 – 11.00 – Set Tune Workshop - List 1 (2 Tunes)
9.30 - 11.00 - Set Tune Workshop - List 2 (2 Tunes)
11-11.15 – Tea/Coffee Break
11.15 – 12.45 pm – Bagpipe Set Up and Reed Selection
12.45 pm –2.00 - Lunch Break
2.00 – 3.30pm – Set Tune Workshop - List 1 (2 Tunes)
2.00 – 3.30pm – Set Tune Workshop - List 2 (2 Tunes)
3.30 – 3.45pm - Tea/Coffee Break
3.45 – 5pm  – Technique talk by Willie McCallum

Saturday 5th October 2019
9.00 - 9.30 -  Tea/Coffee available in Tryst and meeting point for pipers joining the course on Saturday
9.30 – 11.00 – Set Tune Workshop - List 1 (2 Tunes)
9.30 – 11.00 – Set Tune Workshop - List 2 (2 Tunes)
11.00 - 11.15 am – Tea/Coffee Break
11.00 -1.40 pm -  Performance Assessments
11.15 - 12.00 - Drop in Compound Time Workshop (6/8 Marches/Jigs)
12.00-12.45 - Drop in Compound Time Workshop (6/8 Marches/Jigs)
12.45 – 2.00 pm – Lunch
2.00 - 3.30pm -  Drone Tuning Workshop
3.30 -3.45 – Tea/coffee Break
3.45 – 5pm – 'Tune Selection and Competition Light Music Playing' - Donald MacPhee

Terms and Conditions

“Schools and Courses” refers to any courses organised by The National Piping Centre including evening classes, seasonal schools, intensive courses and workshops.

Full payment must be made on confirmation of the booking 25% of which is non refundable.

Cancellation Policy:

Schools and Courses held in the UK: 14 days’ notice or less – no refund will be given.

Bank charges will be incurred if paying for an international school or course by cheque in any other currency than pounds sterling, this must be taken into account when writing out the amount. In addition the exchange rate will be set by the bank therefore if an over payment is made a refund will be given, or if the fee is underpaid a further charge will be made to ensure payment in full of the course fee.

The National Piping Centre reserves the right to cancel courses. In the event of a course being cancelled, The National Piping Centre will refund students fees. Consideration will be given to reimbursement of additional expenses incurred by students. Students are advised to purchase refundable travel tickets.

The National Piping Centre reserves the right to make changes to the advertised instruction team.