Change to the points system (1st August 2017)

Dear CLASP members,

On the day of the CLASP grading meeting, the committee discussed the weighting of Piobaireachd points at CLASP competitions. This issue was raised by a CLASP member and we felt it was a valid concern that a Jig competition, with more competitors in it, could weight heavier with the same grade Piobaireachd competition if/when numbers of competitors are less. I am sure, even if you do not compete in the Piobaireachd section, you will agree that Piobaireachd is a very demanding discipline that should weight heavier than one light music event, bearing in mind there are usually three light music events which all carry points.

To address this situation, we have decided that if the number of competitors in a Piobaireachd event is less than the number of competitors in one of the Light Music events, of the same grade, we will take the highest number of competitors in the Light Music section and use parallel points for the Piobaireachd section. This may only make a small difference in the allocation of points, but we feel it is a step in the right direction to correcting the issue raised.

For example: If 10 pipers competed in the Grade 2, 2/4 March event (this event having the highest number of Light Music entries) and 8 pipers competed in the Grade 2 Piobaireachd event, previously the points would have been allocated that the winner of the 2/4 March would receive 10 Points (one point for every competitor defeated, plus 1) and the winner of the Piobaireachd would have received 8 points. With the new rule in place, the first prize winner of the grade 2, 2/4 March would still receive 10 points, but the winner of the Piobaireachd would also receive 10 points and therefore brings the Piobaireachd weighting up to the highest number of points available in a Light Music event. In the case of a combined March, Strathspey and Reel event, in Grade 1, the points for this event is always doubled because it is a combined event and therefore the Piobaireachd points will align in value with the MSR points.