Entries open for ‘World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’ at Piping Live! 2019


Entries are now open for the 'World Solo Amateur Piping Competition' at Piping Live! This competition is open to adult amateur pipers worldwide, graded 3, 2 or 1. If you require a grading please visit the grading section of the website for more information.

The venue is St Aloysius College, Hill Street, Glasgow.

For non members, please note that the membership payment structure is as follows:

CLASP Membership payment windows:
1st November - 31st March - £40 (1 years membership)
1st April - 30th June - £30
1st - July - 31st October - £20

The closing date for entries will be 31st July, 2019.

Monday 12th August will start with Grade 3 amateur solo piping events. Tuesday, 13th August - Grade 2 and Wednesday 14th August Grade 1.