Rosneath Highland Games Order of Play, 2019

Rosneath Highland Games - CLASP Competition 2019

Rosneath Highland Games will be held on Sunday 14th July at Howie Park, Rosneath, Argyll & Bute, G84 ORJ

Competing pipers, listed in the draw, will be able to enter the games field without paying an admission charge. All pipers should register at the secretaries tent from 9am. Please note there will be one performance platform for CLASP events and events will start at 10am with Grade 3 Piobaireachd.
Please note that, on the day, CLASP will be run by Rosneath Highland Games and there will be no crit sheets, medals or overall winners of grades.

Piobaireachd Order of Play - Starting time 10am

Grade 3 - Piobaireachd
1. Hector Thomson
2. Dorothy Moodie
3. Megan Kenney

Grade 2 - Piobaireachd
1. Stephen Whitton
2. William Wardrope
3. Dugald Macleod
4. Iain Kirkwood
5. Duncan Lamont
6. Lachlan MacDonald
7. Dagmar Pesta
8. Tom Broderick
9. Jamie Gallagher

Grade 1- Piobaireachd
1. Robert Wilson
2. Con Houlihan
3. Douglas Maxwell
4. Stewart Gaudin
5. Gill Cairns
6. Gordon Hislop

End of Piobaireachd Competitions

CLASP Afternoon Events

Light Music Order of Play

Grade 3
2/4 March Competition/ Strathspey & Reel Competition
1. Hector Thomson
2. Megan Kenney
3.  Lachlan MacDonald
4. Cameron O’Neill

Grade 2
2/4 March Competition/ Strathspey & Reel Competition
1. Jamie Gallagher
2. Dugald Macleod
3. Tom Broderick
4. Dagmar Pesta
5. Douglas Maxwell
6. Iain Kirkwood
7. Duncan Lamont

Grade 1
2/4 March Competition/ Strathspey & Reel Competition
1. Stewart Gaudin
2. Gordon Hislop
3. Gill Cairns
4. William Wardrope
5. Robert Wilson
6. Con Houlihan

End of Light Music Competitions