Grading Appeals now Open

Please note that all pipers who have received a new grade have now been contacted. The appeals window is now open and closes on Wednesday 31st July. Please see below some more information from the grading section of the CLASP website on the grading and appeals process:

Grading and Appeals Timeline

End of Season (Immediately after Inveraray Highland Games Currently) - The National Piping Centre Grading Committee will meet to discuss members regrading.
Week following the final competition - A full grading list will be released via email to all members.
From release of regraded pipers list - 31st July - CLASP members can appeal the committees decision between these dates only. Members can support their appeal by emailing recordings.
1st week of August - Pipers who have appealed the decision of the grading committee will receive notification on whether their appeal is successful or not.
1st - 14th November - A final window for members to appeal their CLASP grade. Please note that anyone who appealed in the July appeal window should not reapply at this time. The only exception to this rule will apply to a member who receives two recommendations from two different judges, with regards to their standard being above/below the grade they are currently competing in. If this situation occurs, the CLASP Grading Committee will meet to discuss whether the member should be regraded. However, other than this scenario, CLASP will not accept any regrading requests out with the July or November window dates.
End of November - Pipers who have appealed within the November time window will receive notification on whether their appeal is successful or not. Please note that members who move grades mid-season, will not be able to retain the points they have accumulated in their old grade. Also, this will not affect other CLASP Members points who may have competed against any regraded members.