Online Competition Draw and Important information – 20th June 2020

Attached is the order of play and performance times for each competitor for both Light Music and Piobaireachd events. Please note there are two tabs at the bottom of the file (One for Piobaireachd order of play and the other for Light Music order of play).

Click on the link below to view both Piobaireachd & Light music order of play
clasp Website 20 June

If you are using Skype, as your mode of live video connection, please check prior to the competition day that you have been added by your designated ‘Live Video Steward’ and that you accept the contact request.

Listed on each event will be the judge and a designated ‘Live Video steward’ who will contact you via live video call at each competitors allocated performance time. After connection has been made, the steward will ask each competitor to start their audio devise and the steward will then announce each competitor at the start of the audio recording. Here are some guidelines to follow with regards to the audio recording, which will be used to judge each event.

The following points will be outlined to each competitor when live video connection is made:

* If using your smart phone as audio recording devise- please place it on flight mode.

* Competitors can tune before their performance / or between Light Music events, but we ask that competitors keep tuning to a minimum.

* Please do not stop your audio recording prior to completing all performance events. For example do not stop recording between your March and your Strathspey and Reel or Jig events.  However, you can retune/ have a drink of water between Light Music events - just don’t stop the recording.

* If for any reason the live video link disconnects after the steward has made the introduction at the start of the audio recording- keep going- it does not matter if any disconnection happens after the introduction has happened at the start of the audio recording and the steward will not try to reconnect with you (as you should be in the middle of a performance!)

* Once each competitor has finished their performance please send the audio recordings, immediately (On 20th June), to both and

CLASP will announce full competition results via video link on the CLASP website News Section and the CLASP Facebook page at 8pm (UK time) on Sunday 21st June 2020.
Please note Overall league winners for 2019/2020 will not be announced at this time.

Good luck to all!