CLASP ‘End Of Season’ Full Results and Video Link – 20th June 2020

Here are the full results:

Grade 1 Piobaireachd:
1st Stuart Robinson
2nd David MacKenzie
3rd Colin Innes
4th Stephen Ross
5th Gill Cairns
6th Kyle Banta

Grade 1 March:
1st Justin Howland
2nd Kyle Banta
3rd Niklas MacPhee
4th Stuart Robinson
5th David MacKenzie
6th Jason Harley

Grade 1 S&R:
1st Kyle Banta
2nd Justin Howland
3rd Gordon Hislop
4th Stuart Robinson
5th Jason Harley
6th David MacKenzie

Grade 1 Jig:
1st Stuart Robinson
2nd Colin Innes
3rd Justin Howland
4th Niklas McPhee
5th Kyle Banta
6th William Wardrope

Grade 1 Overall Winner:
Stuart Robinson

Grade 2 Piobaireachd:
1st Evan Wraga
2nd Giovanni Giulianini
3rd Ben Hall
4th William Wardrope
5th Duncan Lamont
6th Christian Beutler

Grade 2 March:
1st Giovanni Giulianini
2nd Esther Scheren
3rd Evan Roll
4th Ben Hall
5th Christian Beutler
6th Evan Wraga

Grade 2 S&R:
1st Ben Hall
2nd Evan Roll
3rd Giovanni Giulianini
4th Esther Scheren
5th Evan Wraga
6th David Livingstone

Grade 2 Jig:
1st Liza MacFarquhar
2nd Baliant Kiss
3rd Evan Roll
4th Giovanni Giulianini
5th Esther Scheren
6th Douglas Maxwell

Grade 2 Overall Winner:
Giovanni Giulianini

Grade 3 Piobaireachd (Ground Only)
1st John Hunt
2nd Hector Thomson
3rd Mark MacRae
4th Anthony Kelly
5th Alasdair Beaton
6th Joe Moore

Grade 3 Piobaireachd:
1st Svenn Vollberg
2nd Hector Thomson
3rd John Hunt
4th Robert Cunningham
5th Philip Duthie
6th Joe Moore

Grade 3 March:
1st Robert Cunningham
2nd Philip Duthie
3rd Cameron O’Neil
4th Neil Scotland
5th Roddy Garden
6th Hector Thomson

Grade 3 S&R:
1st Neil Scotland
2nd Cameron O’Neil
3rd James Acheson
4th Hector Thomson
5th Joe Moore
6th Robert Cunningham

Grade 3 Jig:
1st Alasdair Beaton
2nd Leslie Barrett
3rd Sven Vollberg
4th Philip Duthie
5th Cameron O’Neil
6th Mark MacRae

Grade 3 Overall Winner:
Robert Cunningham


This video will be live from 20.45 (UK time) on 21st June 2020