Order of Play & Tune Selection for 7th May ‘Live Online’ 2022

Attached are links to the competitors tune selections and playing times for the upcoming CLASP 'Live online' Competition, which will take place using a Zoom platform on Saturday 7th May 2022. This is a video submission competition of competitors live performance.

Attached are:

  1. Tune selections/Judges/ Competitor List. Grade 3 and Grade 4 have 'Own Choice' submissions and therefore I have just listed the competitors’ name here. Tunes for Judges selection -May 7th
  2. Competitors' Playing Times (Times Listed are UK times and our time zone is British Summer Time (BST) May 7th Playing Order (2)

Important information to remember for competitors -(PLEASE READ ALL)

  1. This is a 'live' VIDEO submission competition and competitors should use the Zoom meeting details as the platform to perform ‘live’ on Saturday 7th May 2022.  All video links should be sent as You tube video links to clasp@thepipingcentre.co.uk by midnight on the 7th May 2022. Please make sure you set your video as Unlisted. The judge will be unable to open a video that is set to Private.
  2. I would suggest not to use Zoom as your means of recording you video performance. My advice is to use a separate device such as a good quality Mobile Phone or whatever you have used in the past (that gives a clear recording quality). *Remember to place your phone on flight mode if you are using it as a video recording device.
  3. I would recommend using a separate device (to the one you plan to video record your performance with) for connecting with the Zoom performance platform. A laptop/computer/tablet or a separate mobile phone device for example. If you do get disconnected at any point after the steward has introduced you, just keep going with your performance and leave the video running. Do not stop the video until the end of your performance.
  4. Please be in your assigned breakout/performance room, ready to play at your allotted time slot. I would ask that you are muted when warming up and that you unmute when it is your time to compete. Please keep an eye on the time when you are warming up so you are not late for your performance slot.
  5.  The Steward will ask you to turn on your video device at your allocated performance time and will announce you. The stewards’ announcement at the start of the video is what verifies the performance so it is really important that this is captured at the start of the Light Music performance and at the start of the Piobaireachd performance. Videos should not be edited.
  6. Please remember that ALL light music events are played in your assigned 15 minute performance time slot, but competitors can re-tune or stop between events. An Example of the order for light music... The steward will ask the competitor to Turn on their video recording device, The steward will announce you, and the competitor starts- tune if you need to, play your 2/4 March…… stop/re-tune/drink water but don't stop the video.... Play your Strathspey/Reel... Stop/re-tune/drink water/, but don’t stop the video….Play your Jig/6/8 March and then stop your video recording device.
  7. It is useful for the judges if you add your name and tune names in the You tube description box when uploading the video.
  8.  Allow enough time to upload your videos to You Tube.
  9. Results will be announced via live video on Thursday 26th May at 6pm via The CLASP Facebook page. Results will also be published on BagpipeNews Good luck to all competing!