New CLASP Set Tunes Announced for 2025/2026

CLASP offer two Set Tune lists, each with six tunes. List 1, will be used for Grade 1 and Grade 2 Piobaireachd competitors and List 2 will be for Grade 3/4 Piobaireachd competitors.

Grade 1 competitors will submit three Piobaireachds. Two tunes from list 1 and one tune of their own choice.
Grade 2 competitors will submit two Piobaireachds. One tune from List 1 and one tune from list 2.
Grade 3 competitors (and any Grade 4 pipers who play up in Grade 3 in-person competitions) will submit one Piobaireachd, which must be selected from list 2.

Please note, there will be some competitions exempt from the set tune list.
These competitions are:

  • Any Remote/Online CLASP Competitions
  • 'The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition' @ Piping Live!
  • Any Highland Games
  • Chatsworth Country Fair

You can submit your own choice tunes at these competitions listed above (that can be tunes from the set tune list if you wish)

Here is The CLASP Set Tune List for 2025/2026

List 1
1. The Battle of Waternish (Amach) - Piob. Society Book 2/Kilberry Book
2. The Glen is Mine (Standard)

Kilberry Book/PS 6
3. Grain in Hides and Corn in Sacks (Amach) Kilberry Book
4. Catherine's Lament (Standard) - Piob Society Book 2/Kilberry Book
Ceol Na Mara (J MacKenzie) (Breabach)  - The Piobaireachd Society 20th Century Compositions (See tune notes at bottom of page)
6. The Sound of the Sea (D MacLeod) (Fosgailte) -Donald MacLeod's Collection of Piobaireachd

List 2
1.  Salute to Donald (Standard)  - Piob. Society book 8/Kilberry Book
2  The Duke of Atholl's Salute (Fosgailte) - Piob. Society book 14
3.  Lady Anapool's Lament (Amach) Piob. Society book 9
4   The Marquis of Argyll's Salute  (Breabach) - Piob. Society book 10
5   Salute to the 51st Highland Division (Niall Mathieson composer)          (Amach) Link to the tune -
6.  Skye, Mount Vernon, Washington (Bruce Gandy composer)  (Breabach)        Link to the Ground -

*Tune Notes:
1. There is a note error in Ceol na Mara Taorluath Variation. This mistake is covered in the errata sheet.
2. The tune, 'Skye, Mount Vernon, Washington' which was composed by Bruce Gandy is not published currently. However, Bruce will provide music for this tune in the next few days.