The CLASP Champion of Champions Invitational – The Results

Timeline for Video:
Piobaireachd Competition Start Time: 4 minutes 40 Seconds
Roddy MacLeod Interview: 2hours 12mins
MSR Competition Start Time: 2 hours 17 mins
The Results by Dr. Andrew Bova: 3hrs 7mins
Bob Worrall Interview: 3hrs 8mins 18 secs
Margaret Houlihan Interview: 3hrs 14mins
Competitor Interviews: 3 hours 33mins 27 secs

The Results:
The Overall Winner, receiving a set of David Naill (DN2 pipes) is Cameron Bonar

1. Cameron Bonar

2. Henry Pulach
3. Colin Forrest
4. Gillian Blaney
5. Jack Martin
6. Charles David Mitchell

Judges: Donald MacPhee and Patricia Henderson

March, Strathspey & Reel
1. Gillian Blaney
2. Cameron Bonar
3. Colin Forrest
4. Jack Martin
5. Henry Paluch

6. Brady Webb

Judges: Roddy MacLeod MBE and Sarah Muir