CLASP ‘January Video Submission’ Competition 2021

CLASP can confirm that the first competition of 2021 will take place in the format of a  ‘video submission’ event due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions currently in place.

'January Video Submission' Competition Timeline:
Closing date for registrations- Sunday 17th January 2021
*Please submit tunes by close of entries (17th January 2021)

Announcement of competitors Selected tunes and video recording Information- 22nd January- This information will be published on the News Section of The CLASP website.

Competitors recording window - 22nd January- 31st January

Deadline for competitors YouTube video links - 31st January 2021

Result announcement- Saturday 9pm (UK time) via video link on the CLASP Facebook Page and results will also be publish on the News section of The CLASP website.

COMPETITION EVENTS: (£7.50 per event entered)
Grade 3
Piobaireachd (Own Choice)
2/4 March (Own Choice)
Stathspey & Reel (Own Choice)
6/8 March (Own Choice)

Grade 2
Piobaireachd (Submit 2 tunes of choice, one will be selected)
2/4 March (Submit 2 tunes of choice, one will be selected)
Stathspey & Reel (Own Choice)
6/8 March (Own Choice)

Grade 1
Piobaireachd (Submit 3 tunes of choice, one will be selected)
2/4 March (Submit 2 tunes of choice, one will be selected)
Stathspey & Reel (Submit 2 tunes of choice, one will be selected)
6/8 March (Own Choice)

Competition Rules (For CLASP Remote 'Video Submission' Competition)

  1. CLASP membership rules apply fully for any remote CLASP events
  2. CLASP Grading rules apply fully for any remote CLASP events
  3. Competition Events
    CLASP admin will set out the tune requirements via the CLASP website prior to the opening of competition entries and this information will also be displayed on the competition entry form via the members area of the CLASP website.
  4. CLASP members should enter all remote CLASP competitions via the membership section of the CLASP website, within the advertised registration time frame.
  5. VIDEO Submission
    - Competition video submissions should be recorded in the date window outlined by the CLASP
    - All entries will be video submitted using the free platform, You Tube.
    - Videos should be submitted separately for Light Music and Piobaireachd events. Light Music recordings should include ALL light music events entered.
    - Each video submission must be made in one complete take (no editing allowed), but use as many attempts as you want.
    - CLASP competitors should introduce themselves at the start of their video recording and include the following information: Name/ Grade /Light Music or Piobaireachd event/ Name of Competition and year. For example: My name is John Smith and I will be taking part in the Grade 3 Light Music events for the CLASP Competition, 2020. (This information should also be included when uploading your competition recording(s) on You Tube. Please see the video link below, which was recorded by CLASP admin and includes the basic steps to correctly uploading a video privately on YouTube using a smartphone and then emailing the link.
    - For Light music events, competitors can stop between events to re tune or have a drink of water.
    - Competitor's videos should show most or all of the body, including your head. Videos must be lighted properly so your face and hands can be clearly seen. Videos with poor lighting or sound may not be accepted.
    - Competitors are allowed to tune up prior to starting their performance, just as you would in a regular competition setting.
    - Video submissions should be uploaded to You Tube and then competitors should email the video link(s) to
    - CLASP recommends that competitors list their uploaded video submission as 'Unlisted'. 'Unlisted' videos allow you to control who can view your video and only those you share the link with can view the video submission.
    - All video submissions must be emailed to CLASP admin by midnight (UK time) on the closing date of video submissions.
    - CLASP admin will share each competitors’ video submission link with their relevant judge for the adjudication process.
  6. Adjudication
    Once the closing date for video submissions passes, competitor’s videos links will be sent to their relevant judge(s) for the adjudication process.
  7. Announcement of Winners
    Winners will be announced in a Facebook video announcement approximately one week following the close of competition video submissions and results will also be posted on the news section of the CLASP website.
  8. Crit sheets will be emailed out to each competitor following the announcement of results. Please allow a few days for this admin process.
  9. Performance Dress
    Highland attire is required.
  10. Performance Rights
    By entering this competition, all performers give CLASP permission to publish their performances in part and/or in full on the digital/social media channels selected for the competition